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Respect × honor × courage


Welcome to Scouts International Thailand

About Scouts program

Scouts International Thailand is a scout based program teaching our scouts important life skills. Our mission is to bring kids together to learn the necessary fundamentals that they don’t teach in school. Our Scout Motto is respect, honor and courage.

  • We teach the scouts to respect others as they respect themselves.

  • We motivate our Scouts to honor their accomplishments to help build a foundation.

  • We encourage our Scouts to be brave and step outside of their comfort zones to solve every day problems.

Working together and team building are a core aspect for all Scouts. The Scouts program encourages people to participate in activities that help inspire leadership roles

Currently Scouts International Thailand is holding classes for our Joey Scouts (boys) and Bunny Scouts (girls), Starting at ages 4 till 9.



All Scouts are encouraged to participate in a large variety of activities and team based games as part of the Scouting program.  These will include things like traditional Scouting skills as well as skills for real life scenarios. These include things like camping, survival, first aid, sports, and cooking along with many more.  As the Scouts learn new skills and show these skills to the Scout Leaders they will be recognized with badges and awards to show their achievements in the Scouts program.

All Scouts are divided into troops based on their grade.  Every troop is headed up by an older Scout Leader and Assistant Scout Leader for all of their activities and meetings.

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